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What is Personal Sovereignty?

Personal Sovereignty is a state of true personal freedom. The primary implication of the rise of Personal Sovereignty is the development of the "Network Society" political movement, the fundamental political system of the twenty-first century. What a Citizen was to a Republic in the eighteenth century, the Sovereign Individual will be to the Network Society in the twenty-first.

What are the main elements of a Network Society?

1. Encrypted Network Communications allow: 
2. Human Interaction Free from effective Public and Private Coercion (Personal Sovereignty) which allows: 
3. Prolific Creation and Maintenance of Wealth which allows: 
4. Health and Life Extension which allows: 
5. The Pursuit of Happiness which leads to: 
6. Happiness

The impact of this revolutionary political system, though today existing only in theory, can already be calculated. A Network Society maximizes market efficiencies, freedom, and happiness for a greater number of people than earlier political systems such as the republic, democracy, theocracy, oligarchy, monarchy, dictatorship or communism. It resembles laissez-faire capitalism combined with the better promise of Marxism. Unlike capitalist systems, in a Network Society the "people" as individuals fully own their personal means of production. One's compensation is directly proportionate to one's value as we all become economic and political "free agents." Each individual has full sovereignty, or power, over her own life but no control over others, either directly, or indirectly through organized political power. The implications of this movement are astounding.

The Elements of a Network Society

The Network - The communications network, existing today in its infancy as the Internet, is the foundation technology that allows free communication and intercourse between individuals without need for an intermediary. The network allows people to establish personal and business relationships that defy physical distance. It also creates a new sense of "place" outside of the physical world, where such relationships can exist outside of traditional power structures.

Encryption & Privacy - The continued development of the Internet makes a fully networked society possible. Unfortunately, it also represents the greatest threat to freedom in history, as it has the potential to destroy personal privacy. Privacy is critical because it represents ownership of information about you. We have all heard that information is power. If others know all there is to know about you, then they have power over you. Encryption technologies represent the solution to this problem. Encryption has been called the twenty-first century's version of the personal-sized medieval castle. With it, you can keep your own knowledge, and thus power, denying it to others.

Freedom from Public Coercion - What does it mean? Ultimately, it means freedom from non-voluntary taxation, conscription, regulation and asset seizure. 

Freedom from Private Coercion represents freedom from common theft and blackmail. But it also represents control over your own means of production - that is, you will learn to reap the full economic value derived from what you do, rather than giving that value to your boss. A business owner that earns a profit from the efforts of her employees will be reaping the excess rewards derived from the synergistic efforts of the entire group (1 + 1 = 3). This excess value represents the value of the owner's ability to orchestrate the efforts of independent parts towards a productive end.

Creation and Maintenance of Wealth - Knowledge of the principals of wealth creation is the secret to the achievement of wealth. While few understand these principals, far fewer understand how to hold on to such wealth. Yet these are the skills that must be mastered in order to achieve financial independence.

Health and Life Extension - Freedom to pursue one's natural interests lowers societal stress, which factor alone contributes to a lower disease rate. In the future life-prolonging technologies will be developed by scientists who have been freed from the burden of crude regulation and taxation. These technologies will allow for longer, healthier lives spent doing what one loves.

The Pursuit of Happiness - The threshold question in this pursuit is to know thyself - who are you and what do you love? Yet in the world to date, the human condition has required individuals to focus on lower-level human needs. In a future age where most of the crude burdens of society are removed from individuals, we will be free to concentrate on this higher level need for self-understanding and actualization. 

Through pursuit of this life path, a Sovereign Individual secures her financial position, and next discovers, then pursues her life's mission, focusing her energies on self-actualization.

The result of this lifestyle? Unprecedented productivity, wealth, security and happiness for the greatest number of people. The interaction of millions of people, independently pursuing such a lifestyle, results in a new form of body politic - the Network of Sovereigns.

Like what you hear? Then join us, and add your thoughts and voice to ours in the nurturing of this growing new civilization.

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